Overwatch Aimbot Ban Avoidance

Overwatch Aimbot Ban AvoidanceThere are a few rules, you need to remember, in order to have true Overwatch Aimbot Ban Avoidance. I am not here to judge you if you are using one, just to help you to avoid some bans, with some simple rules.

If you use a free one, they may or may not be as accurate as a paid one, but the paid memory hacks, are much ore dangerous, as they are a bit easier to detect.

Overwatch Aimbot Ban Avoidance Rules

  • Less than 38% headshot rate
  • Less than 50% hit rate
  • Dont shoot down more than 7 moving vehicles within 300m
  • Old account no more than 13 kills (new no more than 7)
  • Dont team wipe by yourself
  • In a single game, dont get more than 6 reports
  • 2x scope safe distance to kill is within 200m
    • 4x = 300 m
    • 8x= 400 m
  • Always use aimbot on chest

If you're looking for a Overwatch Aimbot, you can click here. Or goto YouTube on the video below and join the discord, to pay for one.

Thank you for reading this Overwatch Aimbot Ban Avoidance guide, please let us know in the comments below what you thought of it.

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