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Beating Performance-Based SR Systems isn't impossible, it just takes a bit of time and knowledge. Afterall, its not is going anywhere. Heck even Beating Performance-Based SR SystemsHoTS is now getting it. So as one of the mere mortals playing this game, trying to rank up, I realised that I needed to understand the system and use it to my advantage.

I've been playing competitive since launch, and for the first three seasons I was in plat. The next three seasons (s4-s6) I touched diamond and just stopped competitive until the following season.

For most of those 6 seasons, I mained Zarya (later picked up Winston) because in general teams could always use tanks, and Zarya had a game winning ult. If I managed to get DPS, I'd go 76. The first time I hit diamond required quite a bit of effort and some luck. S5 and S6 was easier to touch diamond and then afk for the rest of the season.

I hated the performance-based SR. I hated the matchmaking. I hated smurfs. I hated Mercy mains for being able to swing the game result so drastically. If they play Mercy, we have a good chance to win, if they don't, we're screwed. (Disclaimer: I do admit there were some who could flex to a mean Rein or Genji, but rare. On that note, when the opponents had 2-3 mercy mains, two of them always seem to be GM McCree smurfs. Because of all this, I realized I needed to find a way to consistently go about Beating Performance-Based SR Systems.

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Beating Performance-Based SR Systems

As first, my method to try and go around Beating Performance-Based SR Systems, I just 'farmed' damage and tried to get kills to reduce my SR loss during the blame game or when the team was obviously not communicating, or I got matched with trolls/throwers/griefers etc, my mission changed from winning the game, to maximising my 'performance'. As soldier, this meant my Eliminations, Hero Damage, Final Blows, Helix Kills, Biotic Fields Deployed, Self Healing Done. Selfish, yes, but when I lost, I lost <25 SR. 

I also controlled the frustration of having bad teammates by reaffirming my strategy for the season. Perform well, consistently. The only thing I could change was my performance. Even if my winrate was exactly 50%, I'd climb. I trusted in the stats.

Below are the exact methods I used to Beating Performance-Based SR System. I used Overbuff and the Oversumo app to reaffirm my beliefs and to maximize my performance.

Remember to practice the above Beating Performance-Based SR Systems rules, and you too will master not only diamond, but maximize your SR points.

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