Free Overwatch League Skin – Limited Time Only

We've got great news, you will soon be able to get one Free Overwatch League Skin. On 10 January 2018, Blizzard is going to start the first ever Overwatch League. This is part of their eSport initiative and will sport 12 pro teams. The Overwatch League will last till July 2018. During this time, Blizzard plans to release several Overwatch League skins, for each of the teams. 

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Free Overwatch League Skin

Free Overwatch League SkinUnfortunately the Free Overwatch League Skin will not drop from loot boxes and will need to be purchased if you are not one of the members of any of the Overwatch Pro Teams. However, that doesn't mean you can't get one for free

To support your favorite team, Blizzard will be releasing a new currency, which they call League Tokens. Each Overwatch player will receive enough tokens to purchase one Free Overwatch League Skin. After that, to support your favorite team, or to acquire more skins, you will need to purchase more League Tokens.

We also do not know if League Tokens will drop from Loot Boxes, that will remain to be seen. Since there is so much associate with Loot Boxes being a form of gambling, it will be anyone's guess on whether the new currency will drop from them.

All the skins are currently available for viewing in the game's menu. However, they will become purchasable only when the league starts, in another day. This option will be activated on or near January 10. Please note that League Tokens can only be used to purchase Overwatch League content.

Free Overwatch League Skin

In any case, the very first Overwatch League starts soon, so be sure to follow the official Twitter feed for all the updates and don't forget to leave a comment telling us which Free Overwatch League Skin you purchased.

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