Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide

Overwatch 3v3 Mastery GuideBefore I start with this Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide, let me clarify that skill in the original 6v6 games does not fully translate into success in Ecopoint: Antarctica. While skill on a hero does move from map to map, communication is a very important facet of the 3v3 game mode and certain picks are more powerful than other power picks in 6v6.

Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide

I hope you enjoy the Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide, and the game mode. Personally, I most enjoy 3v3 because it allows me to play with friends in full communication without needing 5 other players; it is friendlier to smaller groups and more action-packed than 6v6.

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Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide Conclusion

I hope this Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide increased your knowledge of 3v3 on Ecopoint: Antarctica. Thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed, let others know about this guide on FB/Twitter!

Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide written by Esthyn

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