Overwatch Aimbot – Non-Injection Pixelbot

https://virustotal.com/en/file/37676f1dbef1421f7ab0d9304c008f787b5182b89b5ff54a37dfe844a1c8c874/analysis/1474116834/Overwatch Aimbot - Non-Injection Pixelbot - what all that means, is that it's non-invasive, a passive bot which will make your aiming easier in Overwatch. It helps you to create head-shots allowing for more damage. It can also help you to track enemy players. However it is a pixelbot, meaning it's limited to the abilites of your system. 

Overwatch Aimbot - Non-Injection Pixelbot

While not perfect, a Pixelbot is less likely to be picked up by anti-cheat software, as it does not access memory. Instead it reads the screen and sends commands to the mouse and/or keyboard. However since Blizzard is persnickety and really hates cheats, use at your own risk.

This particular pixelbot was created with 1600x1200 graphics in mind. If you can't run at that resolution, you can either disassemble the script, or not run it. All credit to Stinkyjoint for the script.

Download Overwatch Aimbot - Non-Injection Pixelbot

Virustotal Scan | Jotti Scan

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