Overwatch Aimbot Scam

Overwatch Aimbot ScamHey there, I am just throwing up a little warning about a Overwatch Aimbot Scam. The way that this is a scam, is that they invite people to their forums, and then offer them lifetime access  - for a fee of course. Then the customers enquire about it, and keep getting banned on all the methods they attempt to contact the owners. This includes on Discord, on their XenForo forums, and even on another cheat site's vBulletin forums, with the help of an inside man who happens to be a moderator which can delete posts and ban members. It's a sad thing when something like this happens, but being aware of the situation, helps immensely. 

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Overwatch Aimbot Scam

So here's the info you need to know. The Overwatch Aimbot Scam is being run on a site called Chen's Cafe. They claim to have many private hacks for various games including Overwatch, CSGO, Paladin, etc. I personally cannot verify this, don't have access.

This is not the first time I have seen complaints that had involvement of a moderator called Sniffing Pickles. In fact, I can say that this particular moderator has banned people who give bad reviews of services he/she offers. I do not know how this moderator is involved, but I do know there is involvement due to complaints being washed from threads, messages being deleted, posts being deleted, and bans being handed down. If you ever have a chance to work with said moderator or purchase a service from said person, I recommend against it.

Here's a small excerpt from the complaint which was posted on that other cheat site...

I've been banned from his website and Discord with no explanation, my message (and any critical or negative message at all from what I've seen) was deleted from his sales thread, I'm being ghosted by Chen's Cafe and OC staff and I've done nothing to deserve it.

Posted by Scarith

All I can say, is be wary of where you get your Overwatch Aimbot. Most importantly if you feel something is wrong, trust the instinct. A Overwatch Aimbot Scam is a mild scam, but it's a warning you should heed anyways.


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