Overwatch Cheating Macros

Overwatch Cheating MacrosI should start by saying that these Overwatch Cheating Macros are for specific characters, to do specific things. They won't really work for all characters, but since the code is here, you will probably be able to play with them to see if you can get them to work for more characters. All of these Overwatch Cheating Macros were written in AutoHotKey, which you will need to either install on your computer, or already have installed. You can get it from AutoHotkey.com.

Overwatch Cheating Macros

Overwatch Cheating Macros contains the following AHK macros:

  • Reaper - Reload/Melee
  • Soldier - No Recoil
  • McCree - Right click, No Recoil
  • Reinhardt - Faster Melee

You can get the macros below...

Overwatch Cheating Macros Instructions

  1. Download AutoHotKey and Install
  2. Copy the code (highlight and press ctrl-c)
  3. Paste the code into a text editor (not a wordprocessor - ctrl-v to paste)
  4. Save files with <name>.ahk
  5. Open the file with the .ahk extension. If iy's not already set up as, the default program to open AHK files should be AutoHotKey.


Reaper: It won't auto-reload when you hit, only when you press R. Don't do it when you're shotting, because he will just do a melee attack instead.
Soldier: Works fine.
McCree: I personally didn't see a difference, maybe you will?
Reindhart: It's a bit weird how it looks, and gave me headache with the new animation/character postition.


These Overwatch Cheating Macros were written by paradoxe1978, all credit to the original author.

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