Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot

Overwatch Java Pixelbot AimbotThis Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot requires that you have Java Development Kit v8 or later installed. In actuality, it is an Incredibly efficient frame grabber, Optimized zero-garbage frame pixel scanner, with Extremely low CPU and memory usage, with minimal effect on FPS, and a Red-pixel HP bar aimbot.

Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot

  1. Make sure you have Java Development Kit 8 or later installed.
  2. Go to Overwatcheat.cfg to adjust settings.
  3. Launch Overwatch first, then this Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot.


  • If you have too much lag, lower the settings of the cheat to take less screenshots.
  • If the pixel bot isn't working fast enough, increase the amount of screenshots it takes.
  • Left click to activate the Overwatch Aimbot

Download Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot (with source)

  • Virus Check - Due to the size of the archives, we were unable to scan with VirusTotal/Jotti. However a scan with Emsisoft, found nothing (I trust this more then any other Anti-Virus software anyways).
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This Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot, can give you an edge in the game. It can also detract for those of you with natural ability. If you're good at Overwatch, then you don't need this cheat. However if you have a lower end computer and need a little boost in your playing, this will help you to get better at playing, with more take downs of your enemies.

Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot created by Jire. All credit to the original author.

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