Overwatch Junkrat Trap trick

Overwatch Junkrat Trap trickEver wonder what the best way to use a Overwatch Junkrat Trap is? First, lets explain what a Junkrat Trap is. Junkrat is an explosives-obsessed freak who lives to cause chaos and destruction. Junkrat has an ability called the Steel Trap. Junkrat tosses out a giant, metal-toothed trap. Should an enemy wander too close to the trap, it clamps on, injuring and immobilizing them.

Overwatch Junkrat Trap trick

In itself its good for laying down near a well traversed area to catch would be enemies. If you know of a place where sneaks like to go, it's a good place to lay down one of these traps. But there is a less innoculous way to use an Overwatch Junkrat Trap, and its something which can turn the tide of a game very quickly if done correctly.

We use the Overwatch Junkrat Trap trick on Bastion when he gets into turret mode. You'll need to sneak up on Bastion, but when you drop the Junkrat Trap on Bastion, he will then pop out and become useless. While in PC games, there aren't that many Bastions playing Overwatch, he's still often seen in console games.

It's also possible to do this on an iced Mei. Her Cryo-Freeze ability which encases her in ice and heals her, will not allow her to escape unscathed, and instead will allow you to decimate her quickly - however the Steel Trap will not remove her from the ice block forcibly, but you can guarantee she instantly gets trapped when she emerges. Just throw it on her ice block, it'll fall in front of her when she emerges.

There may be other characters that this ability can be utilized with effectively, but this trick should make all Bastion players read this and think "oh-Shizz!"

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Credit for the Overwatch Junkrat Trap trick find, goes to Stupiddum

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