Overwatch Max XP Trick – 7k XP per match

Overwatch Max XP TrickThis Overwatch Max XP Trick will allow you to gain upto 7k XP per match, which is by far, the fastest way to gain XP in Overwatch. By its nature, it shouldn't be able to be banned for either. You will have to join a 3v3 match, and manage not to die - which is going to be a feat in itself. But if you pull it off, enjoy 7k of XP (or more) everytime you do. 

Don't be surprised if you manage to pull even more XP then 7k - when you do this. Our tests show you should make a hair over it.

Please not while not explicitly an exploit, it can be construed as griefing - so use with your best judgement.

Overwatch Max XP Trick

This Overwatch Max XP Trick should work on consoles as well as PCs, so enjoy! Level 1800 in 3 months? Possible!Did you enjoy this Overwatch Max XP Trick? Let us know with a comment, and don't forget to Like and Share!

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