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Overwatch Spin MacroThis Overwatch Spin Macro is a simple script written in AutoHotKey, which will allow you to spin 90 degrees to either left or right, or to to do a complete turn 180 degrees (turn around), with a simple mouse press. Note that you will need to adjust the modifiers to work with your setup, but once working, will become an invaluable tool when play Overwatch. 

Please note - this is not a Spin Bot, like those made for CSGO. It will not keep moving to stop you from being targeted easily.

Overwatch Spin Macro

Overwatch Spin Macro Instructions:

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey.
  2. Copy the script below.
  3. Paste into any text editor.
  4. Adjust the modifiers.
  5. Save as Spin.ahk.
  6. Right click to launch the script while Overwatch is open.
  7. Have fun, and confuse the enemy.

Overwatch Spin Macro Script:

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