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An Overwatch Triggerbot will fire for you, whenever you come across an enemy, within your targeting POV. Note that this is not an aimbot, as those are a lot easier to catch. This Overwatch Triggerbot was created with Javascript, so that it's less detected by Blizzard and it also runs as a common background process, which again is made to lessen the chance that Blizzard will search for and find this bot.

Overwatch Triggerbot Instructions :

  1. Overwatch TriggerbotGo to the NodeJS website and install the latest version for Windows.
  2. Create a folder on your desktop called 'Overwatch'
  3. Open 'Search' and type CMD (command prompt)
  4. Use this command without quotes "cd C:\Users\[user]\Desktop\Overwatch" (replace [user] with your PC username)
  5. Type without quotes "npm install robot-js" .
  6. Press enter, and wait for it to finish.
  7. Download the code called Trigger.js (see below)
  8. Copy the file to the same folder you created above (C:\Users\[user]\Desktop\Overwatch)
  9. Open Overwatch
  10. Go to command prompt again, then just type without quotes "node Trigger.js"
  11. Have Fun and Enjoy

Overwatch Triggerbot Download 

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use adf.ly to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).

Overwatch Triggerbot FAQ

Which Macro software does this use?
This uses Robot-JS, an automation tool.

Why Javascript?
Most automation tools are detected by Blizzard, but Java is so common on systems that it's hard to detect.

Can I change the code?
While it's not recommended, you can open Trigger.js with Notepad, and change it. Please give credit to the author however.

Is it safe?
Yes, it runs using Node, which is a common background service for webservices.

Can I get banned for this?
Currently, it's undetectable. However that could change in the future. As such, use at your own risk.

Who should I talk to if I get suspended or banned for this?
Speak with Blizzard/Activision. We are not responsible for bans nor suspensions to your account.

Who was this created by?


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