Overwatch Zombie Mode – How To Guide

This is a custom game mode, so you'll need to party up with some people for this. It is a custom setup that allows you to defend nonstop waves of Zombies (Reapers), Smokers (Roadhog), that are also protected by Tanks (Zarya).

Overwatch Zombie Mode a How To Guide

Overwatch Zombie ModeSince they're zombies, the only thing that can kill them is a headshot. Most heroes should be able to headshot these zombies with a single shot. The goal is to defend against them and win the game as defense. This variant is a 4vs6 custom game, where it's 4 players vs 6 AI that keep coming at you.

Make sure to set the settings like this. Everything else can be left to the default.

  • Health Modifier: 25%
  • Damage Modifier: 200%
  • Healing Modifier: 25%
  • Ultimate Charge Rate: 100%
  • Respawn Timer Rate: 25%
  • Ability Cooldown Modifier: 200%
  • Headshots Only: On

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Make the enemy team look like this.

  • Hard Zarya
  • Hard Roadhog
  • Hard Reaper
  • Hard Reaper
  • Hard Reaper
  • Hard Reaper

Overwatch Zombie Mode Tips:

Reapers are zombies. While they will usually fire shotguns from any range, the blasts are usually harmless unless they are right next to you, where their headshots will probably kill immediately. Keep your distance from the zombies, and keep knocking them out with headshots.

Zarya cannot deal any damage as she is incapable of producing headshots. However, she will usually be in the front line, distracting you and blocking shots that should be going to the Reaper zombies. You do have to deal with her, or else she will keep giving the zombies a shield that blocks all headshots.

Roadhog is the smoker. It is especially dangerous due to his tanky body and his hook. If you get hooked into a horde of hungry Reapers, you'll get killed instantly, so watch out!

This Overwatch Zombie Mode works on Defense Maps, so Volskaya Industries, Hanamura, and Temple of Anubis.

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All credit to TophsYoutube for this Overwatch Zombie Mode - How To Guide.

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