Play Overwatch on your Android Phone

You  can play Overwatch on your Android Phone, if you have an nVidia card in your computer, or even a geForce card as well, since you can use the geforce experience (or nVidia Streaming for nVidia cards), but I will explain more a little bit below.

Play Overwatch on your Android Phone

Overwatch on your Android PhoneI like messing around with nVidia streaming and most games to see if I can stream them well enough and Overwatch works perfectly, no performance or MS lag.

If you have a geforce or nVidia related card you should also have geforce experience which is used for streaming to shield TV's and tablets only. However there's an app on the play store called Moonlight which lets you connect to the nVidia shield and stream your games to your phone.

With a special adapter you can play with a Blue Tooth Game Controller, or even have an artificial one on the screen but it gets in the way of most games. This is perfect for summer if you want to sit outside and have a few games in the sun without bringing your giant computer tower and monitors.

My phone, a Samsung Galaxy (should also work on Note's) runs it perfectly and came with a USB adaptor to put a USB Game Controller in.

Play Overwatch on your Android Phone guide written by QualityPirate

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