Temple of Anubis Map – Overwatch Guide

This Overwatch Guide is for the Temple of Anubis Map. It's meant to give you a deep level awareness of the game, so that you know your surroundings and are able to use this new found awareness to dominate your enemies.

Temple of Anubis Map an Overwatch Guide

Under the protection of Pharah and her employers Helix Security Systems, the Temple of Anubis lies beneath Egypt's Giza Plateau. Little is known about the secretive installation beyond the fact it is carrying out unnamed AI experiments. Rumours abound that deep within the Temple lies a secret that is vital to the security of the region, but where these come from none can say.

With her dream of joining Overwatch dead and buried alongside the organisation itself, Fareeha Amari - call sign Pharah - has dedicated herself to safeguarding the installation.

Temple of Anubis is the homeland of Pharah and it is a point capture map located in "Egypt".  Take a look at these maps as this is powerful knowledge which will help you memorize where everything is at within Temple of Anubis. And again doing so, gives you an advantage over players who simply run the maps, choose a few "sniper" positions and sit waiting for someone to cross their path. 

A good knowledge of where everything is, within the Temple of Anubis Map will allow you to realize where each of the best possible ambush points are, and in turn use this to set traps for your enemies.

Click on any of the following Temple of Anubis Map's to see a larger size. In the next screen you can leave a comment or click the image again to enlarge it even farther. Scroll down for some Tips and Tactics, or leave your own in the comment section below...

Top down view without location markers:


Top down view with location markers:


Attackers Starting Area:


Capture "A" Area:


Global Area of Entire Map:


Capture "B" Area:


Temple of Anubis Map Timers

  • Game Start: 5 Minutes
  • Capture Point A: Adds 5 Minutes
  • Max Possible Game Time: 10 Minutes

Temple of Anubis Map Tips and Tactics

This assault map is brimming with things including stairways and overhead passes.

Just as the game starts, you need to gain control of floating ship and balcony overlooking the attacker spawn point – both of which serve as excellent sniping positions. Junkrat and Symmetra both shine on this maps due to traps and can catch enemies off-guard.

While playing as defenders, you need to set-up Bastion turret or snipers ahead of double-doors in order to keep the attacking team from advancing forward. In addition to this, you should be able to toss Junkrat’s bombs through narrow doorways and place Symmetra’s turrets at choke points.

As attackers, just like the previous maps, do not play for yourself and try to move as a team. Having someone like Reinhardt with his massive barrier shield will help you advance with any difficulty whatsoever – provided that you stick together.

While trying to capture the second point in this map, you should not undermine the importance of alleyway on the left hand side. This area has pretty clear lines of sight, decent cover, and some sniping spots located nearby.

Bastion can also set-up his stationary turret around the blind corner in this area of the map.



Temple of Anubis Map created by Orhin_InsaLan. Tips and Tactics written by Arslan Tufail.

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