Unlimited Respawn XP Farming – WoW Cheat

This WoW Cheat will give you Unlimited Respawn XP Farming. It spawns a few level 103 mobs, which you can farm repeatedly for XP. The key, is not to kill the main mob, just to tank it, to keep aggro, but

Skip Fighting On All Fronts Quest – WoW Cheat

If you need to complete the Suramar Quest chain which includes Fighting On All Fronts, you can skip this portion fairly quickly. Since you need to Complete 5 missions, this WoW Cheat will make it so you can complete this completing only

Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime Access

Why I found this method to get an Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime access, is probably not important, but it does involve torrrents. You see my local internet hotspot monitors and slows Torrent traffic. In fact, for some reason, they slow traffic

Remove Invisible Barriers – Tera Online

If you want to Remove Invisible Barriers & walls in Tera, its a simple edits, and you are ready to go. Surprisingly this is all a client side edit, which will remove all the invisible barriers in the game. Once you get

GTAV External Multihack – Origin Hacks v2

The GTAV External Multihack is for SocialClub only. Consider this GTAV External Multihack to be the ultimate game hack, as really there is little to want for. Everything from making you undamaged to allowing you to fire your weapon without the need

Artillery versus Spall Liner Worksheet – World of Tanks

Why are we going to go over this Artillery versus Spall Liner Worksheet you ask? Well, I saw someone complaining that Artillery was again, over powered. This brought on the guy mentioning that his Spall Liner should have deflected or otherwise

Burned Voidwalker Skin – WoW trick

Here's a little hidden "Easter Egg", which will give you the Burned Voidwalker Skin. It's a WoW trick which can be done with Fire Mages and Warlocks (possibly hunter pets too), on their pet demons. Burned Voidwalker Skin - WoW trick

Free Steam ESO Accounts

If you purchased your ESO account prior to November 2016, I have good news - Free Steam ESO Accounts! It doesn't matter if you bought the account and used the key in Steam or if you bought it directly from Steam

Underlight Angler AP Leveling Trick

Have you tried Underlight Angler AP Leveling, yet? [Underlight Angler], the fishing artifact, can be quite annoying to level. I've tried many baits to farm AP with and this gave mixed results. The trick I am going to share with you, is the best

CSGO Multihack-Aimbot & Weapon Skin Changer

This CSGO Multihack-Aimbot & Weapon Skin Changer has several features, but since we posted a list of all the available Weapon Skins earlier, we thought you might also appreciate a tool which will allow you to apply each of the weapon


If you've been looking for the complete known list of CSGO Skin IDs, then who are we to disappoint? While we aren't listing them with pix (it would take too much bandwidth and page load time), we are going to

Battlefield 1 Overview & Guide

With this Battlefield 1 Overview, we'll go over some of the basics of the game, including a general overview, ranking up, classes, and how to get good at the game. Hopefully this will get you on your way to becoming a

Cashing Out WoW Tokens

So the word is, that soon, you will be able to start Cashing Out WoW Tokens. That is to say, trading gold for WoW Tokens (as normal), and then being able to cash out said WoW Tokens to your account balance

DCUO MultiHack – Free Download

DCUO MultiHack works with the PC Version of DC Universe Online, and gives some amazing features such as NoClip (move through walls), Speed Hack, Infinite Jump and a bunch more. Now you can become as a god in the game

Fix Wildstar Connection Issues Tutorial

This tutorial will Fix Wildstar Connection Issues. If you've had any problem logging in over the last few days, then this will help solve your issue. NCSoft said it was because of a DDOS attack, but following these simple instructions

How to Fix Rift 64bit Client Crash

This is a quick tutorial on How to Fix Rift 64bit Client Crash after upgrading to Starfall Prophecy. Some of you may have this issue, and others will not. It seems to be tied to specific servers, but I am not

15 Minute Dungeon Deserter Debuff trick

The 15 Minute Dungeon Deserter Debuff trick scrubs 15 minutes off of the total 30 minutes from your wait time, when using the LFG tool in World of Warcraft - assuming you abandoned your group in the dungeon within the

Reaching Level 85 plus Greater Rifts in Diablo 3

So if you wondered what the secret was to Reaching Level 85 plus Greater Rifts, then I am about to share it with you. I should start out by saying that there are no builds that will let you out-right do high

ExtropyTD Game Hack for Tom Clancy’s The Division

ExtropyTD Game Hack for Tom Clancy's The Division adds a lot of features to the game which will make you nigh unbeatable. It's a game hack, which you will need to inject into the game, so that it will work.

Change your in-game sounds – WoW guide

I have a really simple guide here, which allows you to Change your in-game sounds. This is useful when you like listening to the sounds in the game but don't want to hear some of them, or when you want to

Intro to Pointers – Game Hacking Guide

Before we go into this Intro to Pointers, lets talk about variables and memory. A variable is something that has a value that can vary through-out a programs execution and it is stored in memory. Memory, think of it like a notebook. When

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