Aion: 2 minute farming of Fire Temple

This is a extremely quick 2 minute boss run and of course, the duration will depend on your skill execution and DPS.

Aion: Fire Temple Attunement Guide

You will recieve a quest called [Group] Three Keys when you reach a certain level. This quest is the quest required to be completed in order to gain access to the Fire Temple. The first thing you will need to

AoC: Easy Level 50 Blue sets, for guild mates

AoC - If you go to Epic field of the dead, in the very south there are about 15 bosses. If you are above 70 and have some Level 50 guild mates. You can take them there and acquire level

Evony: Honor – Good or Bad?

In Evony, there is a general assumption, that honor is a great thing to have.  It makes your enemies think twice about attacking your cities. Unfortunately, that's not true.  What has always prevented me from attacking someone has been their

WoW: Prospecting Spreadsheet

From the desk of Warcraftecon, comes their latest updated spreadsheet, to help you in your prospecting farming. I have gone ahead and made the necessary adjustments, saved and re-uploaded them here, for your use.

WoW: The End of Ninja Looting

Unfortunately, there are some classes which will be penalized by this action - mainly Druids, but also some Shamans and also Holy Paladins.

Myspace, Twitter, Facebook + more site news

I have added the ability for you to login to this site, from your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, WordPress, or OpenID accounts. TomRiddle, has joined our ranks, he will be bringing you Lord of the Rings Online news, guides, and

Making War cities in Evony

Let me share the War city information that might help you a bit.

Previous Subscribers Please Contact Me

If you were a subscriber of mmoexploiters, uberageofconan, uberwarhammer, or ubereverquest, please contact me. I will attempt to give you access here, since the deal with Tault fell through.

Runes of Magic: Halloween screenshot contest

I should mention that the above contest was only one of the many that Runes of Magic has going, but I just wanted to share that one as an example of planning gone wrong.

Flimsy Racial Halloween Masks

The one mask you can get in game, that I am surprised that Blizzard hasn't capitalized on, has been the flimsy masks, for different races.

Halloween Costumes

A few years back, I made this horrid realization, that I was good at scaring people on Halloween. One year, I looked like I had just been in an accident...

More Emergency AP

increase AP on Orc with trinket AND racial ability

System Protection… use it or lose it

I like to update you about the tools, that I use to protect my system from account thieves (trojans/keyloggers), spyware, and viruses.

Blizzard finally allows race changes in WoW

Ranting about another paid service for World of Warcraft being implemented giving away 20 Grunty The Murloc Marine game codes

Grunty the Murloc Marine, give away

Massive Aion Banwaves

State of the game for game hack and bot users in Aion

Wintergrasp Strategies

Wintersgrasp strategy to take and hold the fortress. A World of Warcraft PvPers reference for this battleground.

Back Online – Sort of

Due to the deal I had with Tault, not completing, tho it has been almost 4 weeks now, I decided to rez this site, sort of...

World of Warcraft: Some Hunter Tips

According to Blizzard, the best all around pet to have is the Wolf. This is because the wolf, has a buff which will buff not just the pet, but the hunter as well. No other pet has this,

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Unless we get your help today, this site will be going down on November 26th of this year. If you want to keep this site online, please donate. See this post for rewards to donate.

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