Farming Phoenix Credits Guide – The Division

If you've been playing Tom Clancy's The Division, you might have wondered what is the best method for Farming Phoenix Credits. You're in luck! I know how, and I am going to share it with you. I have been playing The

Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer Guide

The final installment of the franchise is going to be released on April 12th, as such we present you with this Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer Guide.  Dark Souls 3 should be a combination of the most sought after aspects of their previous games; Demon's Souls,

150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide – Black Desert Online

This 150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide is unreal. Imagine going AFK for an hour and coming back to 150k in items ready to be sold at a trader. This is a powerful Sivler Farming Guide for any Black Desert Online adventurer. Now

Beastbog Treasure Room Cheat – Blade and Soul

The Treasure Room Cheat for Blade and Soul, allows you to enter into the Treasure Room inside Beastbog, yet without the use of a map. You will need the key to the Beastbog Treasure Room, and the knowledge of how to use

Avoid MyVegas Shows Seating Fee

How to Avoid MyVegas Shows Seating Fee when getting multiple seats from multiple accounts, to sit near each other. The  seating fee per person is an insult! In case you didn't know it, MyVegas support is now charging $15 if

REX Farming in Rift

REX Farming in Rift in actually fairly easy - if you know the proper techniques. For example, just doing 60 minutes of daily quests on one level 65, I could have enough to buy 1 REX in 2 weeks. Since

Level Horse Stats Fast Endless Gallop AutoRun – Black Desert Online Cheat

I am sure by now you have found that you can Level Horse Stats Fast when you gallop, but it only lasts so much, before the gallop ends. Well here's a way to give you an Endless Gallop Autorun. Now mind you,

PoE Zoom and Lighting Hack – Steam Version

Have you been looking for a PoE Zoom and Lighting Hack only to find the non-Steam version? If you're using the Path of Exile Steam Version, then you might be astounded to find that the PoE Zoom and Lighting Hack, which works

CSGO Health Modification ESP Color Change

This CSGO Health Modification ESP Color Change is a simple hack, which will change the color of enemy players, so that as their health goes down, their outline color changes. It will also work as an ESP, which will allow you

More Worker Stamina – Black Desert Online Cheat

This More Worker Stamina, is an unconfirmed Black Desert Online Cheat. We know we're missing a step, but we're posting it for our members anyways. It basically allows you to recover stamina, while your workers are still working. We aren't sure

Fountain Water Collection Trick – Black Desert Online

Here's a Fountain Water Collection Trick for if you've been using our Water Collection Macro to collect water while AFK. You might have come up with a problem taking the water out of a fountain. Since weight is a big deciding factor in

AFK Strength Leveling Cheat – Black Desert Online

In order to do AFK Strength Leveling, you need to understand one thing in this game - you can do anything AFK, as long as your character is able to actually do it. For example, Fishing is completely allowed to do

Level 90-100 in 2 Hours – WoW

Assuming you even have any characters which are less then 100 at this point, this is a quick guide to Level 90-100 in 2 Hours or less. No leveling guide needed for this, and very little killing to boot. You will

Find any Player trick – Black Desert Online

We're not going to judge why you want to use this Find any Player trick, because we know that there are many uses which can be used with this trick. For example, you see someone who wants to trade an item,

What is a Node? A Black Desert Online Guide

What is a Node? A node is a point on the map that contains either a small village / farm, a city or a point of interest. A few node examples are when we find them in Farms, Cities, and Points

Android NoRoot Autoclicker

I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but a Android NoRoot Autoclicker is actually something of a rarity. You see many games won't even allow you to run anything besides the game. But here's a way

Water Collection Macro – Black Desert Online

If you need to collect a lot of water, then this Water Collection Macro is going to come in handy. It's actually built for a Razer Synapse Keyboard, however if you have a good mouse or some skills with AutoIt, should

Hit the Gold Cap in One Month – WoW

It might seem impossible to Hit the Gold Cap in One Month, but it's entirely possible, when you start with 10k in WoW gold. Since WoW Gold keeps hitting all time lows, it's even more plausible with very little initial investment

CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script

A CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script is yours to play with, without the need to pay for it. Instead of compiling a bot this is the source code with easy instructions on use, even with Steam Mobile Authentication. While usually

Blade and Soul Nude Mod – Free Download

Blade and Soul Nude Mod will allow you to change the default hidden style of characters within the game and give them the appearance of nudity.  WARNING: This modification to Blade and Soul (aka BnS), may disturb some people as Tactics – Beginner and Intermediate tips

After playing Agario for just a few hours, I have come up with some fun Tactics. Have you tried yet? There are similar games to, in that you try to eat up smaller organisms, to become larger, and eventually

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