Rift: Patch notes between Beta #7 (Open Beta) and Head Start

See below for the list of changes between Beta #7 (Open Beta) and Head Start.

Welcome to Rift!

=== FEATURED ===
* Added new UI section for class-specific mechanics (Pacts, Convictions, etc) on Player and Target portraits.
* Added Ancient Wardstones to Scarwood Reach. Activate them all to wake the legendary beast known as Calydon!
* Added button to merchant window to sell all grey loot items in your bags at once.

* Removed the +10 Stat racials from all races.
* Racial Abilities now cannot be used in dungeon and raid instances or Warfronts.
* Falling damage no longer has a chance to dismount you.
* Increased Elite and Named Elite experience slightly.
* Decreased minor Rift stage experience slightly.
* Decreased zone event Invasion and Rift stage experience.
* Public Group leaders will now have a button to combine groups if there's a group of similar or larger size nearby.
* Groups now switch to Private Groups when entering Master Looter mode. A warning is shown when changing loot to Master Looter while in a public group. Switching back to a public group while Master Looter is on will reset the looting mode to Group Loot.
* If all group members pass on Group Loot, it goes free-for-all.
* Keep killing snakes! Snakes now cry a little more often, but still not TOO often.
* Discoveries and Bind-On-Pickup status now trigger immediately after purchasing an item from a merchant.
* CoD Mail now expires and returns to sender after three days.
* Mail from 'the system' no longer expires.
* The guild charter name entry now only accepts the characters a-z, single spaces, periods, dashes, and apostrophes.
* Guild Rank names are now covered by the profanity filter.


* Rift notoriety factions cap at Honored.
* Rift Expert dailies now award 2500 notoriety, up from 1000.
* Major Rifts will now sometimes award rare sourceshards to silver-ranked participants, instead of just money.
* Zonewide events now award the correct zone currencies for participation.

* The powers for upgrading Wardstones, empowering against Invasions, and summoning allies now have individual 5 minute cooldowns, where previously they shared one.
* The above should also resolve a bug where sometimes the cooldowns would be reset when logging in.
* It's now possible to upgrade Neutral Wardstones.

* The Saga of the Aelfwar: Guardian cult quest line is now in and available! Go speak with the Tribunal in Sanctum. Must have completed Vision of Danger.
* The Saga of the Endless: The Plot: Quest has been folded into the quest that precedes it - 'The Peacemaker'. So if you abandoned The Plot, you no longer have to worry about getting the disguise again.
* The Saga of the Endless: A Family Affair: The List of Names will now drop for the entire group from the Perdeen Rift.
* The Saga of the Endless: Darkblade's Terror: Should now update consistently.
* The Saga of the Endless: Now with more voiceover!

* Guilds will now gain one passive and one active perk point per guild level.
* Banners: Fixed a number of tooltip errors for Guild Banners.
* The two Guild Perk panes have been renamed to Active and Passive.
* Total Recall - New Perk: Reduces the cooldown on Soul Recall by 5/10 minutes.
* Killing Spree: Now increases critical hit by 3-9% for 6 seconds after killing an enemy player.
* Planar Protection: Now increases Resistances of everyone in the raid by 10-30 and costs 1 Planar Charge.
* Call of the Ascended - New Perk: Currently disabled on Alpha pending further tweaks.
* Blood Thirsty: Now heals 10-30% over 6 seconds after killing another player.
* Cache Finder - New Perk: Increases the gain of expert plaque rewards.
* Foe Hunter: Now increases Favor rewards by 3-9%, passive.
* Rift Extraction: Increases the gain from closing Rifts by 3-9%.
* Boundless Power: Increases the chance of gaining Planar Charges by 10-30%.
* Journeyman: Now gives a 5-15% chance of gaining a second skill point. Passive.
* Lucky Penny: Fixed guild panel text for this perk.
* Removed: Shrewd Negotiator, Favored Student, Faking It, Know Your Enemy, Awakened Power, Camp Banner, Able Bodied, and Gift of the Rifts.

* Over-time effects (HoTs, DoTs) will recalculate their outcome for each tick (hit, crit, block, etc).
* Buffing and Cleansing allies who are in combat will now put you into combat.
* Changing Roles now causes your buffs cast on others in the world to be removed - this addresses some issues where players could buff groups/raids with abilities they then no longer had access to or even a soul equipped for.
* Fixed a number of other exploits that allowed certain spell effects to exist on multiple characters at the same time when they shouldn't be.
* Fixed an issue where certain mobs were immune to abilities that dealt damage and healed - i.e. Life Leech, Soul Purge.
* Critical heals will now show up in the combat log and are a separate type of message from regular combat logged heals.
* Pets in defensive mode will no longer insist on attacking Vespid hives.

* Warriors: All aura-type abilities stay on your character through re-logs.
* Warriors: Fixed a bug that caused damage of Airburst, Concussion, and Judgment to be off.
* Buffs with lower values should no longer overwrite buffs with higher values.
* PvP Souls: Break Free no longer removes the Exposed debuff.
* Clerics: Fixed a bug causing some proc heals to consume effects that modify heals.

* Phase Shift: Now only removes curable debuffs instead of all debuffs, and the caster is now immune to damage and curable debuff effects while Phase Shift is active.

* Flaring Power: Now obtained at 32 points.
* Burning Purpose: Now obtained at 51 points. Causes your debuffs to deal Fire damage when applied to an enemy, in addition to its current effects.
* Ashen Defense: The debuff portion now increases Physical damage received by 5%.
* Lingering Dust: Now obtained at 44 points.
* Volcanic Bomb: Now obtained at 16 points.
* Flaring Power and Assault Command [Warlord]: These now share stacking - they will overwrite one another but not other buffs, nor be overwritten by other buffs.

* Fixed a tooltip bug with Poison Potency's interaction with Saboteur Charges. It now reflects on the Charges' tooltips for their increased damage.
* Fixed a bug where the internal cooldown was not working for weapon poisons.
* Impale: Damage slightly reduced.
* Slip Away: Removed requirement to be out of stealth to use this ability. Fixed so that existing DoT effects will cause stealth to break after Slip Away immunity ends.
* Lethal Poison: Debuff now also increases the critical hit chance of spells against the target.
* Serrated Blades: Causes the target to bleed for 33-100% of your weapon's damage over 6 seconds, down from 60-180%. Now only triggers from melee weapon critical attacks. It no longer triggers from ranged weapon critical attacks or attacks that require 'Any Weapon' and are not considered melee weapon attacks [Bard damage abilities, Saboteur Charges, Bombs, etc.]. Nightblade ranged attacks are considered melee weapon attacks and can trigger Serrated Blades. Serrated Blades itself cannot critically hit.
* Serpent Strike: Damage increased.
* Advanced Flanking: Changed to increase the critical hit chance of Backstab by 3-6%. Increases the critical hit chance of Assassinate, Jagged Strike, and Paralyzing Strike by 25-50%.
* Magnify Pain: Fixed a tooltip error.

* Resonance: Now increases all party/raid member stats by 1-5%, down from 2-10%.
* Fixed a number of abilities with annoyingly loud sounds.

* Protective Companion: Now has 5 ranks and provides a flat armor amount per rank to surrounding party/raid members, instead of a percentage increase.
* Backhanded Blow: Now a big hit attack that deals extra damage for each Bleed effect on the target.
* Slashing Strike: Fixed bug where this was cleaving too far.
* Enraged Companion: Fixed tooltip to read 5% instead of 10%.
* Pack Mentality: Was set to increase the damage of melee attacks, making it unpredictable in use - has been changed to increase Physical 
* Diversion Strike: Damage increased, duration of critical hit buff increased, now only affects the Beastmaster and their pet.
* Tenacious Strike: Renamed Tenacious Wounds, increases the damage of Bleed effects by 3-6%.
* Fight As One: Duration increased to 15 seconds.

* Combat Preparation: No longer requires a spell reagent.
* Double Coup: Fixed a tooltip error. It should indicate that both damage and critical hit chance of Keen Strike is increased by 100%.
* Vivacity: Now also increases damage of all Bladedancer abilities by 5-10%.

* Symbol of the Ancient: Now increases Death damage by 4%, plus an additional 2.4% per point spent in Cabalist above 36.
* Lurking Decay: Should now actually work again.

* Frenzied Strike, Inescapable Fury: Damage readjusted.
* Titan's Strike: Fixed a bug where the AOE from this ability was not doing proper damage. Base ability damage reduced.
* Intense Training: Now increases Soldier's Bearing to 6-8% instead of 8-14%, and Slayer's Bearing to 18-25% instead of 20-30%.
* Titan's Strength: Now increases Strength by 2-10% instead of 3-15%.
* Grim Satisfaction: Now regains 2 power per second for 1-5 seconds.
* Proper Timing: Now only affects Physical attacks.
* Two Handed Specialization: Fixed to now properly increases damage when using a two-handed weapon. The damage bonus is now maxxed at level 30 as 8-40% depending on number of points spent. Due to this fix, the damage of several additional abilities (below) has been lowered to account for the intended level of damage output.
* Disruptive Strike: Damage reduced, cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 15 seconds, and Power cost increased to 40.
* Destroyer's Bearing: The Finisher damage buff has been reduced from 35% [+15% from Intense Training] to 20% [+15% from Intense Training], and only generates an attack point 25% of the time.

* Seed of Life: Now returns 30% health and mana to the target.
* Essence Surge: Updated the ability description to indicate that the healing done is based off of the caster's health and not the target's.

* Void Shroud: Now reduces healing received by 50%.
* Greater Shroud: Removed.
* Splintered Mind - New Ability: Reduces the cooldown of Split Personality by 30-60 seconds, and reduces its cast time by 50-100%.
* Mass Exhaustion: Updated icon.

* Satyr: Increased amount of attack power received by the owner's spell power. Increased the amount of melee crit received from the owner's spell crit.
* Combined Effort: Increased buff duration to 15 seconds.
* Friend of the Weald: Now increases the attack/spell power contribution to pets' abilities by 10%, plus an additional 10% per point spent in Druid above 36.
* Savage Force: Now increases the damage of Bombard and Eruption of Life by 5-25%.
* Faith in Action: No longer removed when you remove one of the souls that provides it, but still have another equipped.
* Trickster Spirit: Fixed the jumbled tooltip.

* Tempest: Moved to a tier 6 branch ability and reduced to take up to 3 soul points.
* Improved Exposure: Removed.
* Exposure: Now increases all magical damage done to the enemy by 7%.
* Charged: Now has 3 ranks.
* Ashen Armor - New Ability: Your Ignite increases the critical hit chance of your Elemental pets by 10-30%. Tier 3 branch ability.
* Abrasion - New Ability: Your Crystalline Missiles have a 10-20% chance to remove a beneficial effect from the enemy. Tier 3 branch ability.
* Icy Carapace - New Ability: Covers the enemy with ice, dealing Water damage over 10 seconds. If the enemy is dealt earth damage, Icy Carapace explodes for Water damage. Tier 3 branch ability.
* Increased the benefit that Earth Elemental abilities gain from attack power. Damage done by these abilities has been adjusted to reflect the new contribution.
* Velocity: Fixed an issue with the debuff placed on the enemy persisting through death.

* Brush it Off: Now removes 1 disease, poison, or curse effect instead of any debuff effect. 
* Focused Intent: Your attacks have a 10-30% chance to make enemy players vulnerable, increasing their damage taken by 2% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
* Against All Odds: Only triggers off of roots/stuns cast by players. Damage reduction only affects damage taken from players.
* Ignore Pain: The damage reduction now only reduces damage taken from players.

* Ritual of Judgment: Now increases the spell power bonus on Vex and Sanction Heretic by 5%, plus an additional 4% per point spent in Inquisitor above 36.
* Mental Resilience: Now increases the damage of Vex and Sanction Heretic by 10-50%.
* Life and Death Concord: Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds.
* Spiritual Protection: Now a group/raid aura ability.
* Bolt of Judgment: Reduced the bonus from spell power, increased the base damage on ranks 6-10.
* Symbol of Corruption: Now limited to 1 stack per caster.
* Fanaticism: NO longer consumed by non-damaging spells.
* Purge: Now properly removes associated effects.
* Spiritual Deficiency: Fixed the tooltip on the effect to read 7% instead of just 7.

* Even Justice: Now a front-facing wedge. No longer requires a target.
* Vengeful Justice: Works again!
* Just Defense: Now stacks with other absorbs.
* Faith in Action: No longer removed when you remove one of the souls that provides it, but still have another equipped.
* Mien of Leadership: Tooltip on the effect now shows the right percentages.

* Swift Shot: Damage reduced.
* Empowered Shot: Damage reduced.
* Deadeye Shot: Damage reduced.
* Strafe: Damage reduced.
* Hasted Shot: Damage reduced.
* Marksman's Pedestal: Damage bonus has been increased from 5% to 10%.
* Sniper's Pedestal: Damage bonus has been increased from 25% to 30%.

* Feign Death: Updated icon.
* Fixed a bug where Lich Form didn't end when using Feign Death.

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