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Arcanist Box Farming Alarm

Arcanist Strongbox Farming AlarmThe Arcanist Strongbox Farming Alarm is a set of scripts which will detect Arcanist Strongboxes on random maps, and when found will set off an alarm. It will also auto-create said maps, so that you only need to sit back and wait, while the script is running. Grabbing the Arcanist Strongbox however is not automated, you will need to do that yourself. 

It's recommended that you only farm a few per day, with this Arcanist Strongbox Farming Alarm, to keep the costs up. If overfarming occurs, you can expect to see a dramatic price drop.

Arcanist Strongbox Farming Alarm

What happens is you run a script, it will keep creating new Docks instances over and over, and when it detects an Arcanist Strongbox, it will ring a sound and stop the script.

You will need to run this game in windowed fullscreen 1920x1080 for it to work. If you want to run it in windowed, or in a different resolution, you will have to go into the script and edit the coordinates for each mouse click. Sorry, I couldn't be bothered to integrate pixel recognition.

Here are the instructions to get you started.

  1. Replace the old PoEHUD.exe with the new one.
  2. Place the AutoItX3.dll into the same folder as PoeHUD.exe
  3. Go into Docks, and make 6 or so instances. (Until you see the scroll bar on the right side appear)
  4. Don't move your character
  5. Run my AutoIt script (in admin mode if necessary)
  6. Run PoeHUD.exe
  7. Go back to the game, make sure your character is still standing right below the waypoint
  8. Hit F3
  9. Profit

Essentially the AutoIT script is running simple clicks and key presses to automate making instances. I made a hotkey F4 to halt that function in the script. When POEHud detects Arcanist Strongbox on the map, it will trigger a system sound and it will input F4 which will trigger the script to halt. Which will then allow you to go find your box and profit!

I usually stop rolling at around +4 or +5 additional items in order to maximize profit. This is a good way to make easy income during early times in a league or ?

To run the Arcanist Strongbox Farming Alarm, you'll need the following:

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