Path of Exile: Areas and their difficulties

Each area has their own unique characteristics and their own bosses. In this guide, we will cover each of the areas, and some of the bosses, as well as describe what makes each level easy, medium, or hard.

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Twilight Strand (Easy)

Terraces (Easy)

Tidal Island (Easy but Hard Unique(which gets easier on higher difficulties)
The Unique Monster use Ice spear which can freeze you and does much more damage by getting a high critical chance when the Ice spear changes the form.
Avoid getting hit by the AI's triple shot and go into close combat even if you are a ranger. The difficulty will be easier on Cruel, Ruthless and Merciless because you have Cold resists then.

Mud Flats (Easy on normal medium on higher difficulties)

Fetid Pool (Medium on Normal, depending on class hard in other difficulties)
Do this quest only if you require refund points, without being able to see monsters on the map you might miss some. On higher difficulties Undead Rhoas may result in nasty hits.

Lower/Upper Submerged Passage and Flooded Debts (Easy)

The Ledge (Really easy, this is a usual Farmspot on each difficulty and a level spot on 3h races)

Rocky Climb (Medium)
Just take care not to be punctured(don't move if you are bleeding) and don't break the molten shell of the goats, when you are a melee character and it's easy.

PoE-NecromancerLower Prison (Medium)
Kill necromancers fast and there won't be a problem

Upper Prision (Medium-Hard)
There are Necromancers that curse you if it's elemental weakness it will behard, else it's the same as the lower Prision

Sub Boss Brutus (Medium)
He can deal serious damage but his attacks are easy to avoid.

The Prisoner's Gate (Hard (without fire resits) else medium)
There is only one Problem here named "The Burning Menace"
Make sure you are at full health if you kill it or else you might be burned to death. On critical hits you may receive 200 damage on the explosion.

Ship Graveyard (Medium on normal Hard in cruel+)
The main problem here are Rhoas again and the first squidmonsters that curse you which may result in massive damage.
Also this area is known for rubberbanding issues.

Ship Graveyard Cave (Medium for classes with defense Hard for Classes without)
The main problem here is Flicker Strike which might kill badly skilled and equipped Evasion/ES characters.

The Coves (Easy)

Cavern of Anger (Easy)

PoE-Merveil-thumbCavern of Wrath (Medium)
Make sure you get fire resists or else Suicide Mobs might kill you.

Act Boss Marveil (1st Form Hard without Cold Resists but easy if you use 2 Saphire Rings
2nd Form (Easy)

The Forest (Medium till Hard depending on class)
This area tests if you do well vs huge mobs.

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Most Areas in Act 2 get a Medium difficulty and Fellshrine Ruins being easy.
So will mention only possible hard and hard areas.

Weavers Chamber (Medium till Hard depending on class)

The Broken Bridge (Medium till Hard depending on class)
Especially the bandit there is a hard enemy for Characters without Evasion.

Chambers of Sin and Church Levels (Medium till Hard depending on Necromancer curses [elem. Weakness = Hard])

Pools and Streams - Bandit Oak (Hard)
After the patch he is in midair 70% making him a tough target practice.

Water Fall Cave Level 1&2 (Medium till Hard depending on class and Totems in the Pyramid part)

Ancient Pyramid (Hard->Really Hard depending on class, Monsters and Totems)
The strategy here is to have good resists vs the Skeletons and destroy the Totems first.

Act Boss Vaal Oversoul (Really Hard -> Instant rip on hit without resists)

  • This Boss is a bad-ass as a melee character you need 75%+ Fire and 75%+ Light resists or your will just die.
  • VaalOversoulOn a ranged character 75%+ Light resists are enough.
  • Vaal has 2 attacks which are able to one hit kill your character even with full resists.
    • The first attack is his triple Lightning shot, each shot does more damage than the previous.
    • And a bomb attack on which deals a huge mix of Fire and Physical damage.
  • Here are life values to be able to survive his attacks(barely) :
    • Normal 500
    • Cruel 1200
    • Ruthless 1600
    • Merciless 2700 (3.3k on melee characters after damage changes in a 0.9.12 patch)
  • If he uses the Earthquake move then you have to get closer to him or the rocks will hit you and he might kill you the next move.
  • If he summons minions kill them all or you might get damaged and he will kill you when he hits you.
  • His trail of ice move just slows you down and can be ignored.

The best strategy against him requires 2 players one serving as decoy avoid being hit while the other player damages him.

Curses that help greatly on Vaal are Enfeeble and Temporal Chains.

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