Path of Exile: Beginner Farming Guide

In Path of Exile, once you level up, or even while you are leveling, you are going to want to farm better gears. This guide will teach you what you need to know to start farming more efficiently. If you are not aware of what "farming" is, it's a term for gaining gear and/or other items, by exploring and killing the same types or levels of mobs. There are many ways to do this and some are more effective than others. 


Path-of-Exile-Beginner-Farming-Guide-2Certain mods on your gear will directly help you farm better so it's in your best interest to have these on your character when doing farming runs. These mods are Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Quality. Let us look at both of them in more detail:

Increased Item Quantity

This will not help you drop better items, but it will help you drop more items. You can stack this mod as high as you want as there is no cap to its effectiveness. This stat will work on all items in the game including currency and maps.

Increased Item Quality

Arguably more important than the previous one, this will help you drop higher quality items. When stacking this stat you will be increasing your chances of finding Magic, Rare, and Unique items. The way this stat works is pretty simple; 100% increase will give you double the chance of finding magic items, etc. Players that have a background in the Diablo series will quickly realize that this is the same as Magic Find. This stat will have no effect on things such as currency and maps.

These stats can come from both item mods and from Support Gems (Rarity and Quantity), but be aware that Support Gem increases do not apply to kills made from DOTS (such as the cloud from Poison Arrow). Playing in a party will give you a 50% increased Quantity bonus for each party member besides you. Summoners will be glad to know that kills made by their minions will use both their values and yours. I highly recommend you stack up both of these values when farming as they will help you tremendously.

Be aware that over-leveling an area can cause your currency drop chances to go down, which is the last thing you want to happen. Read about Monster Mechanics.


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Known Your Craft

It will literally pay for you to learn the basic crafting recipes when doing a farming run. I have played in many parties during my Path of Exile time and many people pass up on white items even though they have socket combinations that match with a recipe, for example three linked sockets of each color which gives you a Chromatic Orb.

Read about our recommended essential recipes to make better use of your drops.

Item Levels

You should pick your areas carefully depending on which drops you need. The area's monster level will dictate what item level the items dropped there will have, so for example if you are farming gear for your alt you would need to go to the lower level areas. You can check the area's monster level either from the waypoint system or by pressing the map key (tab).

The item's level will effect which mods it can pick and will also dictate how many sockets it can have.

Note that maps only drop from level 60+ areas.


The Right Areas

Many thing that apply to leveling also apply to farming. For example having high movement speed, good damage, and playing in areas that you excel in will all help you farm faster. If you have time I suggest you also watch this leveling guide to get more tips.


Scrolls of Wisdom and Portal Scrolls are the most common and least valuable of the currency items, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't pick them up. Many people ignore these items and you can use that to your advantage; it's pretty common for me to be able to trade stacks of 100s for a higher value currency item.

Item Types

Getting to know the item types or at least writing them down can help you quickly filter out loot while playing. Path of Exile has a very deep item system and even a white item can be valuable if it has the correct stats. Dropping an item with an end-game item type along with good "white" stat rolls and increased quality can be worth a lot as this item be used to make a very good magic or rare. Note that the item type does not actually determine what mods an item can have, but it does effect the white stats.


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Item Analysis

You can usually get a good idea of how good or how bad an item is just by looking at it in-game, but a full analysis requires you to compare data to online sources. Mod values, white stats, and in-built mod values are all available on the official site and you can use this data to check how good your item has been rolled. Refer to the previously linked page for said data.


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