Path of Exile: Beginning Marauder Build Tree


This is a work in progress and is intended to show you my skill tree thus far, at level 26 on my Path of Exile Marauder. I haven’t done too much planning for future levels, and the level cap seems to be level 110 or so, based on the amount of points I have used and how many are still left to place. So far, the only change I plan to make, is to remove 2 skill points from the 2-Handed skills I have.

While I have to admit to loving Cleave, I have found a viable alternative build using a 1-H and Shield combo. Instead of my Cleave AoE ability with a 2-h longsword, I am now testing out Fan of Knives for my AoE along with a 1-h Cat’s Paw and Shield combo. It does do a bit less damage currently, but it can freeze some mobs, and mows through trash easily.


So far, I have +32 health each time I hit a mob, via gems and armor. It doesn’t matter which mob, but it means that even when I am surrounded, I throw up my Molten Shell, followed with Tempest Shield and Hatred, and suddenly I have a hard time dying. I have in part to blame for this, my resistances, and in part because of the +Health on hit buffs, followed with my new AoE ability, Fan of Knives. This allows me to hit 3 nearby mobs and gain back 100 health very quickly. I like to take on a boss, moving it into a position when possible that trash is at my back. When I start to get low on health, I throw out my Fan of Knives ability to the rear of me, then quickly turn back to the boss.

I have a mana pot, which removes frozen and chilled effects, a chaos resistance pot which increases movement speed, and 3 health pots with various other buffs. Remembering what does what allows me to get out of tough situations. For example if I were to get low on health, with no trash in sight, I could then use my mana pot to remove frozen and chilled effects, then my chaos resist to increase my movement speed and get the heck out of there. Follow that with a health pot, and I am back to normal in a few moments.

As I said, this is a work in progress, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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{EDIT} I leveled to 30, and now have this Passive Tree. I was able to dump the 2-H skills, but had to take some intelligence, in order to use some of the passive gems which I have been using, which upgraded past my character’s intelligence level. Next up will be to pump some points into my Shield passives. Overall, this is turning into a strong build. I need to find some better weapons however, as the Catspaw I am using now, does a max of 45 damage. I will attempt to find something to replace it, but will need to look for a blue socket or even better a green and blue one.



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