Path of Exile: Exiled Bot – Free while in Alpha


Exiled Bot is a bot for the game Path of Exile developed in c++. The plan for this bot, is to do any stuff an advanced bot can do such as: Zone cleaning, custom pickit, skills configuration, custom delays, gambling, selling stuff, etc.

For now, the bot is detecting monsters and killing them using skilled that user configured, but still doesn't explore as path finding is not yet implemented. We are currently working hard to find out how to read the map and get "walkable" positions.


  • IMPORTANT : You need to install DirectX End-User Runtime. You can download it Here
  • IMPORTANT : You need to install .NET Framework 4. You can download it Here


  1. Download the bot (See below)
  2. Configure needed parameters in config.ini and skills.ini files, everything is pretty self-explanatory or you can read the comments when it's not.
  3. Launch the game.
  4. IMPORTANT : Put the game in 800x600 resolution windowed.
  5. To avoid picking thrash items, you can activate the "Key Pickup" option and deactivate the "Always Highlight" option from the game options/UI.
  6. I strongly advise you to bind "Move only" on left click, or the bot may attack monsters it shouldn't.
  7. If you want to use the auto restart feature (enable_game_automatic_restart = true), IMPORTANT : the "Save login details" box must be ticked.
  8. If enable_game_automatic_restart feature is activated and your configuration is correct, the bot should log and enter in the specified zone.
  9. If enable_autologinfeature isn't activated : Log your char.
  10. If enable_autologinfeature isn't activated : Enter inside an area. Bot is best working with big open areas like "The Forest" or "Crossroads".
  11. If no monster is close enough to be loaded in memory : Move around!
  12. Have fun as you get close to some monsters =).
  13. You can reload your ini file during runtime by pressing F11.
  14. You can start and pause the bot by pressing F12.

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