Path of Exile: Fastest way to level


Unfortunately, with random disconnects plaguing this game, leveling up is difficult at best. However there is still a faster way to level, and that's what we will be telling you about today.

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The fastest way to level, is a bit easy. Its actually not to level solo, but to group level. But you don't want to join someone else's group at the job board. Instead what you want to do is make your own group. This way people can join and quit as necessary, but you don't have to keep going back to the job board when your group disbands. For title, just put in "Act # progression and leveling", or something along those lines. The key is to make sure people know that you plan to progress and to level as you go.

WARNING: If you played Diablo 3, and are used to getting your own loot, this doesn't happen here. It's all shared. So you need to watch for orange and yellow items and snatch them up quickly.

Tip: Make sure you pick up all quality rings and amulets. They take up one slot in your bags, and can easily be sold to the vendor or upgraded. Most people will leave them behind, but they are worth as much as standard blue items or larger grey bulkier items with the vendors.

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