Path of Exile: Kripper’s Templar Wand Build Guide


Based on the build by Krippers

To save your time from asking questions again and again, I will try my best to include everything there is to playing with wands in this guide.

PoE-TemplarBuild Strengths:

  • Unmatched group utility (up to 7 auras, conduit, 70+ crit freezes and shocks every mob on screen)
  • Unlimited potions
  • Unbelievable damage scaling from elemental sources
  • Extremely high single target DPS from consecutive shock stacks
  • Utilizes every stat in the game (except for spell dmg/crit)
  • Dynamic. Build changes based on gear
  • Auras can change to easily overcome map penalties
  • Can be done as Templar, Witch, or (not so effectively) Shadow

Build Weaknesses:

  • Very gear Dependant
  • Very weak mid-game leveling build
  • Lower life total than most endgame builds

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