Path of Exile: PoE Bot free while in Beta

poe-tbt-nav-meshI came across a bot which is sold by a Chinese company who also has a D3 bot. The significance of having a D3 bot out of China, is they can't be forced to shut down due to Blizzard pestering them. This also gives them a lot of experience when dealing with these types of games.

To the right, is a look at their Navigation Mesh for their POE bot.

From reading their website, I found that they have profiles to use, or you can make your own profiles. The same goes for scripts. So if you want a specific build, or path to level, you can even create your own.

Now I did mention the bot is in beta. The significance of this, is that they DID get a ban. Why? Who knows. They did however have 4 which were not, as well as untold numbers of beta testers which were also fine.

As always, use at your own risk!

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