Path of Exile: Pre-Determine what you get when you vendor


When you sell your stuff to the vendor, depending on what you put in the window, can determine what you are given in return. I bet you thought it was all random, right? I saw a glimpse of this when I wanted to see why one vendor had one offering and another had something else... till I added the rest of the crap I wanted to sell. Well as it turns out, what you place in the sell window, will determine what gets you which items.

So lets say that you really wanted a Scroll of Wisdom, but you didn't have enough crap (or didnt want to keep farming them and wasting portal scrolls), to get some scraps. Well, there are a few ways to get one. The easiest way however would be to simply exchange either a Armourer's Scrap or a Portal Scroll. But what if you wanted a rare amulet like a Paua Amulet? That's what this resource is going to teach you how to get it.

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