Path of Exile: PvP Multi-player Tips

One thing that I am starting to pickup from watching successful PvP groups, isn’t so much that they have kiting down, or that they effectively use their spells while grouped, but more along the lines of cooperation.

If you watch most successful groups, you will first see that while a tank might go venture on their own, it’s to draw the casters to them. This means that once peeps are grouped around the tank, the other group members will come in and wipe out the enemy. You could almost call this a bait and switch move, except there is no switching, so it’s simply more along the lines of a bait move. Sometimes they will try to isolate one member in the beginning. If they can draw one person off, then they can either down the other(s) easier, or down the one which has been drawn off. Either of these situations will help.

Of course having the other team members in chat can help greatly. I am not talking about texting/typing, but rather voice chat. In this case, Skype works well, but will cause lag for the person hosting the group, and lag in PvP can be killer. It’s much better instead to use a voip type program, where the chat is hosted elsewhere, so that no lag is created. Optionally, Mumble will also work. Keep in mind that while there are others, some of which are free – they can be a pain to setup. A while back I tried  Dolby Axon, but it was such a pain to setup and to understand, at which point it was pretty well scrapped. It could be used in big raids easier, but the overall experience I had with it for a few players, was annoying.

Additionally, while mana potions are good, Health potions are better. Health potions keep you alive, mana potions keep you attacking. Since there is no cooldown on potions, there is no reason you can’t use a couple at a time to get your health really coming in. If you run out of mana, you use the health pots to stay alive, and the mana will regen by tself, while you kite and use terrain to keep you alive.

Fighting between rounds is a bit different. Once you have fought a couple times, it’s good to keep changing your spells. If you keep the same spells after more then 2 rounds, your enemy will know what to expect from you. On the other hand, if you change them every round, or even every other round, then the enemy has to guess on what you can do, or even what you will do. In extreme cases, hiding behind some landscape, will allow you to change a spell mid-round, to surprise your enemy, or ready your defenses to their attacks

Curses! You and/or a buddy should have a curse. Being able to curse your enemy into taking more damage, or even to be more susceptible to elemental damage (and then causing that elemental damage), can help you greatly. Add an inflict less damage to a melee type character, and suddenly you can take more of their attacks.

Healing totems can be nice, but make sure you don’t stand directly next to them. If you do, then the enemy can use an AoE type attack to take it down, along with attacking you. If at all possible, get it out of harm’s way first, behind some landscape, then use the proximity to gen your health.

Some shields also do damage. Keep these active so that you can return some damage back at the enemy, or in some cases to simply do more damage.

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Tip: Once you activate a shield, you don’t have to have it in an active slot. So activate a shield, and then change out the spell with something more useful.


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