Path of Exile: Rare Exalted items for less

There’s only a one in 500 chance that you will get an extremely rare Exalted item with this method. But that chance might be well worth it for some. Especially considering the amount of items we drop on a regular basis when out killing and reaping. I can't even fathom the amount of loot drops I pass by right now, simply because of the quality of an item.

Sure, you could build the item from the ground up, but the sheer amount of currency that you would need to go through is exhausting to think about. Not to mention the process that is needed and the quantity of time to build anything half-way decent. For me, a one in 500 chance is well worth it, as the cost is only 1/15 of GCP (Gemcutters Prism), and I know a couple secrets which I am about to share with you, which will enhance my chances of getting what I want...

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