PoE: 10 Pro Leveling Tips

POE-Leveling-Guide-5If you haven't heard, tomorrow - October 23, 2013, Path of Exile will officially be released. It will go from Beta, to Gold and have some added features added to the game (read notes).

Now I have looked around, and there is no definitive guide to leveling. It's one thing to say to go here, kill X amount of mobs, then go there (or coords YZ) and kill X more. This doesn't apply also in part because once you clear the game, you again will have to repeat the game, but at a harder level.

This is where different builds come into play. There are plenty of builds, but those builds won't really get you through the game and allow you to level up. Also, those builds keep changing. We can make one today, but the build might change in a few days, in part because of the game ever changing from beta stages to gold.

The current level cap for Path of Exile is 100 but the developers have stated that it will take a long time for a person to get there, in fact there is only a few so far that has managed to do it according to the softcore ladder.

So lets look at those tips now, shall we?

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