POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script

Why do you need this POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK scriptPOE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script? It's been said that bans are occurring left and right with people using POEHud to do everything from open doors, to use potions automatically, and even edit maps.

Of course the easiest way to catch all the cheaters, has been to ban POEHud users. Now with POEHud being down, some users are at a loss of how to safely navigate the world. Here's where this POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script comes in.

POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script

To use this POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script, you're going to need to have AutoHotKey installed. You can get it here, if you don't have it. You'll want to download it an install it along with the editor. 

Next you'll need to download the script (see below) along with the included reference image.

Edit the .ini to customize your experience; out of the box the script will use health pots in keybinds 3 & 4 @ 70% HP @ 1920x1080 windowed borderless, then auto chicken at 25% HP. It's not a fancy TCP disconnect (cports), which is why I preface this release as a Band-Aid. I am fine with pressing 1 and 2 for utility flasks, but it's totally configurable in the .ini if you want other binds.

POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script Instructions:

  1. Unzip archive.
  2. Launch PoE in windowed borderless.
  3. Launch the AHK script.
  4. With PoE in focus, hit F4 and confirm that the colors detected are correct: See image on right (also in zip).
  5. Make sure the orange color (checks you're on a character), Health color, and Logout health color match.
  6. Profit ???

Download POE AutoPot AutoExit AHK script

Click Here to download.

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Thanks to user deltr for the script.

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