PoE Crafting Order Flowchart – Path of Exile

This PoE Crafting Order Flowchart for Path of Exile is the result of my synthesizing of information gathered in a crafting thread with over 130 helpful tips. It applies to physical damage items but it's easy to extrapolate the adequate variation for any kind of item you might want to craft, with the help of poeaffix.

PoE Crafting Order Flowchart

Obviously many of you will know the procedure and not need this PoE  Crafting Order Flowchart, but hopefully this will help newer or less organized players to make some sense of the crafting routine using informed decisions.

Feel free to express your critiques or suggestions. If enough positive suggestions are made, then I will go ahead and edit the PoE Crafting Order Flowchart to make it for more advanced players.


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