Path of Exile: Marauder Melee Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a decent Marauder Melee Build? If you are a new player and don’t understand the game’s mechanics, and don’t know what’s needed in the game nor which skill are those coolest, then this guide is for you. You will not need a lot of PoE GCP for this build.

Let me present you with a basic marauder build:

  • pathofexile_marauder_wallpaper_huge_v2All equipment pieces you need are strength-type! You won’t bother about Dexterity nor Intelligence for a while!
  • Even all your gems require red-sockets that are easiest to get on strength-type equipment!
  • You will NEVER miss, what strongly affects you damage output!
  • Your defense is your health regeneration, which you easily can increase to 200 health PER SECOND (500 is viable too, but it’s much harder).
  • Such enormous health regeneration makes you very-very tanky! HC builds are very often based on it!
  • Your tankyness does not affect damage much! You are using high-damage two-handed weapons, what with addition of few strong passive nodes and support gem will make you 1-hit-ko blues without much afford!
  • ALL gems we need we will get from quests!
  • You won’t care about mana. Well at some point you will stop using potions!
  • You won’t be stunned. Ever. We hate stun-locks (like those in d2, don’t we?)
  • You start with high base resistances, what really help early on, when you don’t get game much!

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