PoE Modding Tools with Mods

PoE Modding ToolsIf you're like me and can't afford all the new good looking gear Path of Exile has to offer, you might be interested in this PoE Modding Tools with Mods. Among other things it can take the micro-transaction armors and allow your character (for your eyes only), to wear the new armors. You can also change spell composition - not in a way which allows cheating, but the visual effects of them.

PoE Modding Tools

There is quite a bit you can do with these PoE Modding Tools, here's a small sample;

  • Search modify compare extract insert replace armour spells microtransactions in any way.
  • Many known mods (.aoc .otc .epk .pet .atlas .env ...) or create yours.
  • Batch process files. Create automods (.txt files with basic filters and commands) to apply all your mods in sequence (see two examples below).
  • Restrict and exclude filters to modify only some files.
  • Resize textures. Textures (.DDS) are decompressed when extracted, ready to feed a DDS optimizer (DDSOpt, ...) to improve both performance and quality.
  • Automatic backup. Defragment. Works on all PoE versions, does not depend on Grinding Gear Games updates : file search and file mods rely on Python.re regular expressions
  • Any OS. Install [Python 3] and as admin run `pip3 install brotli`. Click `__init__.py` to launch app.

Advanced PoE Smoother

Make Spells Invisible

Rendering Reduction
(perfect for botting)
PoE Modding Tools PoE Modding Tools PoE Modding Tools

Download PoE Modding Tools

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Support for PoE Modding Tools

We have tried to make your experinece with using this PoE Modding Tools with Mods as easy as possible for you. The above link, links you to the source code, the mods, and a location you can get support if you need. VIP Members can also ask fellow members for help on our forums, but the above shared link should be your first course of action.

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