POE: Save your Town Teleport Scroll trick


If you are short on funds and don't want to run all the way back to town because you don't have a Teleport Scroll, or because you want to save them, you can do just that with this little trick.

Buy Fast Gold & Safe Hand Leveling

All you need to do is log out, or close the window. Then log back in, and you will be back in town. This is great for when you are saving up to buy some gear/items.

Be warned however that if you do this on a weekend or evening that there could be a queue to log back in, so try to only goto the character selection screen when there is a queue up.

Warning! If you need to get back to a specific level of an area, like in a dungeon, you will want to still use the portal scroll. Otherwise you will need to fight your way back to that same level.

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