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The POE Smoother Effects Remover works to remove particles and other effects which may slow down your game or inhibit your playing the game. This tool uses VisualGGPK - many thanks to it's devs.

POE Smoother

POE Smoother Effects Remover features

  • Completely removes all particles.
  • Removes particle effects from skills.
  • Lower ground effects particles.
  • Removes sound effects for Spectre, Golems, Chars, Portals, Waypoints.
  • Change ItemFilter sounds with any other sounds.
  • Completely removes Extra Gore from uniques items.
  • Custom options for all types of effects.
  • Brings back the girls on globes.

POE Smoother

POE Smoother Effects Remover Instructions

  1. Close Path of Exile if currently running.
  2. Make a copy of the Client.ggpk file before continuing.
  3. Run Application once.
  4. Make changes as you like.
    • Note: Selecting an effect removes it. DeSelecting an effect restores to factory defaults.
  5. Close the tool.
  6. Open and play game.
    • Note: You won't need to run the tool again, unless there is an update.

Download Smoother Effects Remover

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