POE Stash Helper – Automatized Smart Crafting

POE Stash Helper POE Stash Helperis an advanced tool which will help you to manage your items and crafting, within Path of Exile. This program is designed to simplify the work with the stash and also to simplify / accelerate the process of crafting items. This is actually a smart clicker with logic checks. It was written in Delphi 7, and has not memory interaction, as it only uses the clipboard to access the game. 

Status 11 July 2017: Undetected

POE Stash Helper

WARNING: While we do check to ensure that the programs, scripts, and macros provided here are undetectable, we cannot always ensure that this will remain true. As such, use at your own risk.

POE Stash Helper Features

Most of features are available only with Premium Currency TabPOE Stash Helper.

  • Get 5/6 sockets
  • Obtain 5/6 links
  • Get certain colors
  • Scan quad (or normal, but its useless) stash tab for chaos/regal recipes.
  • Craft magic items with exact criteria (suffix AND/OR prefix setup)
  • Rare items with some parameters (work in progress) crafting
  • Craft maps with very detailed settings
  • Multiple map in a chain with same criteria crafting
  • Limit the currency for craft
  • Provide info on wasted currency
  • Saving/loading templates
  • Updater (auto and manual)

POE Stash Helper Known issues:

POE Stash Helper

This is an early version of the program, so some bugs still can happen. If you find one which is not listed below, please make a note of it in the comments below.

  • The program can conflict (and crash) with some AHK scripts that use "Ctrl + C". 
  • Map craft works incorrect with "Forbidden Mods" that contains "%N". It will be fixed in new version.
  • "Plated Maul" is defined as "Body Armour". It will be fixed in new version.

Download POE Stash Helper

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POE Stash Helper Video Guide


POE Stash Helper created by nongrata

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