PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker – Easy Free Download

In a strange twist of fate, the PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker allows you to unlock each and every skin, without paying for or discovering them. Of course the PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker only works client side, meaning only you can see them, but that's all that most people care about these days anyways.

Who cares if everyone else can see what a great weapon skin you have, there is no advantage to having them see you have pearl grips or flames shooting out of your knife whenever you stab someone. The same holds true for character skins of course, which is why nude mods are so popular!

PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker

This little PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker hack simply unlocks all the skins for you. Only you can see them, so you won't be reported for hacking! It also gives you the extra stats if you want those and again, does not flag you as a cheater.

PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker

PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker Installation:

  • Install BLT for PayDay 2
  • Drop mod in folder
  • ??
  • Magic

For non-BLT, it should be pretty easy to add this to your xml.

PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker Downloads:

Non VIP Download (Survey) | Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Download (password - see below)

Remember, BLT is required for this. You can get the latest stable build here, or download version 11r5 here. Additionally, the source can be found here. PayDay 2 BLT was created and is maintained by James Wilkinson. All credit to the original author for creating this awesome modification.

Just a little poll here for you guys... would you be interested in a nude mod for PayDay 2, or would that just be too over the top? Reply in the comments below and let us know your preferences.

2 Responses to PayDay 2 Skin Unlocker – Easy Free Download

  1. john says:

    hey man good morning, you are awesome i cant even imagine how u did it,i treid everything, but doesnt work, i tired of overkill im level 25 i bought all dlc but i really dont want to spend moeny in this lol, can u please help??

  2. Spitt says:

    Not a problem, click on one of the mirrors to download without paying.

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