Battle Point Farming – PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

Battle Point Farming trickThere is a new Battle Point Farming trick which will net you plenty of BPs in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. BPs or Battle Points can be used to purchase Reward Crates. Contained inside crates are various Costumes. These are purely cosmetic and do not offer any boosts apart from concealing one’s position when hiding in similar environments. Unlike Equipments, these do not add to the player’s Defense. However, each week you can farm crates and they will start at 700 BPs, working their way up in cost to 7000 BPs, for the 6th crate of the week.

Click here for more info on Rewards Crates.

Battle Point Farming trick

So as you can see, the more BPs you can farm each week, the better. This is where the Battle Point Farming trick for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds comes in.

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