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The PUBG Android Mod, PUBG Android Modis a rebuilt APK which adds many features, depending on your processor type. Snapdragon CPU's have a few added features. You can use this on your Android device or on an Android emulator.

Features which work on all devices include removing the Fog of War, Shoot through walls/trees, increase player size, increased speed limit of Jeep, and increase Field of View (see more of the map). But there are many more in this modified Playerunknowns Battleground APK.

PUBG Android Mod Features

  • Magic Kill   Can shoot enemy which in building or hidden behind trees and  stones.
  • No Fog   Remove fog of war from map.
  • Titans   1.5x enemy player Model Size  
    1. Turn on it on Plane    
    2. Turn off it in Lobby
  • FOV   See more of the landscape/enemies.  
    • Choose your FOV:
      • 1.5x
      • 2.5x
      • 3.5x
  • Mad Jeep    No limited speed of Jeep
  • HeadLine     
    1. Enable it after parachute then pick weapons
  • Rapid Fire   Increase Shooting Speed
  • No Recoil   Low Spread of weapon       
    1. Enable it after you pick weapons
  • Linehax     Teletubbies
  • Chams    Support snapdragon cpu only
  • Red Body   Support snapdragon cpu only
  • No Grass   Support snapdragon cpu only
  • No Tree   Support snapdragon cpu only
  • No Land    Support snapdragon cpu only
GamePlay Video


PUBG Android Mod Installation Instructions:

With Root Access: 

  1. Install PUBG-Mod.apk.  
  2. Give root permission and floating window permission to it.    
  3. Run app.

Without Root Access:

  1. Install VirtualXposed and Xsposed. 
  2. Add Xsposed and PUBG Mobile in VirtualXposed (included in download)   
    • WARNING: Do Not Update VirtualXposed.
  3. Open XposedInstaller in VirtualXposed then open the classification of the upper right corner.
    1. Choose modules
    2. Tick Xsposed.
    3. It will let you restart its process In VirtualXposed Setting.  
  4. Open Xsposed in VirtualXposed
    1. Open APP LIST
    2. Tick PUBG Mobile. 
  5. Open PUBG Mobile in VirtualXposed.
    1. You will find Xsposed icon, choose Home
    2. Scan QR Code (included in the download)
  6. You should modify the file extension .bin to .xpk after you download the files
  7. Run PUBG-Mod.

How to use PUBG Android Mod on non-rooted devices

Video Link


PUBG Android Mod Download

Warning: As with all game hacks, bots, and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you. Use at your own risk. 

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PUBG Android Mod Screenshots

All credit to AnC1 for the creation of this PUBG Android Mod.

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