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Rocket Bot which is currently on v2.0 of it's release, is another Pokemon Bot with an interface with which to make your settings. While not necessary, it makes the bot easier to manipulate. By all means, if you prefer, then go and use NecroBot. If you like the Rocket Bot GUI, then you will love it's features...

Rocket Bot Running

Rocket Bot Features:

  • PTC / Google Login
  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • Live map showing Pokéstops and farming path
  • Search for Pokéstop
  • Farm Pokéstops
  • Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood
  • Evolve Pokémon
  • Transfer Pokémon
  • Powerup Pokémon
  • Force unban
  • Use LuckyEgg
  • Auto-Recycle uneeded items
  • View all Pokémon CP/IV %
  • Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
  • Output level and needed XP for levelup
  • Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour in Console Title
  • Automatic use of Razzberries
  • Automatic Update checker
  • Logs everything into Logs folder


Change your settings using the settings tab on the bot. If you want more advance settings, edit the settings file under the bot's folder.

Download Rocket Bot for Pokemon Go

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Rocket Bot Settings Rocket Bot Pokemon to Catch
Rocket Bot Item Count Rocket Bot Device Info
Rocket Bot Login/Map  

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    I Want To Get Forum or Extract to Download Bot Please

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