Specter Pokemon Sniper – Use Free while in Beta

Specter Pokemon Sniper, is a tool for Windows which is free to use, while in beta. This tool is a sniper tool for Pokemon Go, making it easy to catch Pokemon. For now it doesn't have an auto sniper, but manual snipe is now working (as of version 0.8). Sadly the tool itself is paid, but you can use the free version with code below, and it has an already included a API HASH KEY.

You may also find some bugs in this Specter Pokemon Sniper tool, since its a beta version.

Note: To avoid any softbans, its recommended that you use this tool in your own area. Using it elsewhere can cause a temp ban, making your account unusable, temporarily or even permanently. Use at your own risk.

Specter Pokemon Sniper Features

  • Need a bot, get the only always working PokeFarming botEnglish Version - > Under development (Currently its in Portuguese)
  • Support both login - > Pokemon Trainer Club & Google;
  • Use your own location - > Prevent softban.
  • Status about the Player -> Name, Level, Pokeballs etc.
  • Capture with Manual Coords - > Add your own coordinates to snipe.
  • Pokemon Search - > Get a list of Pokemon available to snipe. (Showing Name, coords, iv and moveset)
  • Pokemon Search iv 100 -> Get only 100% IV Pokemons. (List with 150+ Pokemons)
  • Capture Pokemon with just one click
  • Perfect throw - > This don't mean that the catch will be 100%.
  • Choose Berry with capture -> Under development
  • Logs -> Get what happening with your account
  • Logs Save -> The logs is saved in your computer
  • Anti-ban - > Latest API and config for ban save.
  • Softban remover -> Under development.
  • Choose Pokeballs to use -> Under development.
  • Automatic Sniper - > Under development.

 Specter Pokemon Sniper Tool

Download Specter Pokemon Sniper

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