Basic Packet Logger Source Code C++

Why do you need a Basic Packet Logger in C++?Basic Packet Logger If you have ever been interested in hacking an online game, then you're going to need to know the basics. Besides learning to program in C++, either by reading or organic means, you need to understand that information is sent to and from the remote server where the game is served. The information is sent back and forth in packets, and a Basic Packet Logger will allow you to save the packets for decoding later. 

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Basic Packet Logger

Usually the packets have a means to prove that the packets sent are legitimate. Usually time stamps or other codes are embedded in the packets, and learning to spoof these, is what allows some interesting game hacks to take place - such as duping. But this is getting a little ahead of ourselves, and before we even get to that, you need to be able to capture a packet. This is where a Basic Packet Logger is going to come in.

Below, I have pasted the source code in C++ for a Basic Packet Logger. Look at the code, learn the code, and when you're ready, compile it and capture a packet from any online game. Use the packet you captured to see what you can glean from it.

Basic Packet Logger Source Code C++ :

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Thanks to Nimboso for the Basic Packet Logger Source Code C++.

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