Working Proxies List November 2017 Download

Working Proxies List November 2017We have gone ahead and done the Working Proxies List November 2017 a little early this month, after the success of last month's list. This month, there is no charge to get the entire list of just under 800 proxies. You will have to share this list to social media to get the entire list, otherwise it's only 20 which are free from sharing. All the proxies have been checked to be working, with a lag of no more than 500 ms. 

For our gamers out there, I do NOT suggest you use the list for gaming purposes, the lag will be too much. Instead we suggest purchasing from YourPrivateProxy or getting a VPN from TOR Guard. Remember however, that not all VPN's are created equal, and that many including HideMyAss will keep records of the sites you travel to.

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Force traffic through these proxies with Wingate.

Free Working Proxies List November 2017

These proxies can be used in browsers or for games, if you have a tool such as Wingate to force traffic through them, or just use them with your browser, to keep your ISP from spying on you and what you do in "private time". 

Again, here are 20 free working proxies. The remaining 700+ proxies are available for download once you share this post to social media. There is NO Charge to get any of these working proxies - see below this list.

Free Working Proxies List November 2017 - Complete list download

Remember, most people won't share this post, so will be just a few of you who get this complete Working Proxies List November 2017). Faster proxies available here

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Update 12/15/17 For our VIP members, here's an additional 452 checked proxies. I took a list of 40k+ proxies and ran them down to ensure that they would respond in less than 1 second.

Hopefully this Working Proxies List November 2017 are helpful and something you all appreciate. Please share this post with others, to let them know about this site.

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