Working Proxy List December 2017 – Free Download

I was really amazed this month, when I started scraping and verifying the Working Proxy List December 2017. I pulled some really big lists from other sites, ran them through the checker and found that several were invalid. We're talking taking a list of 6000 or so, and turning it into 300 working proxies. Another site offered a bit over 10000 working proxies... or so they said. Once I checked them, I pulled a total 1000. 5%-10% is nothing, it's saying hey we have this big list, but you're only going to find 1 in 10 or maybe 1 in 20 which is going to work for you. That's pretty sad. It's easy to pull a list, but to ensure they are actually working seems too hard for most sites.

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Working Proxy List December 2017

So as of today, I scraped and then ran them through my proxy verifier to ensure how many of them were actually working. Once again, there is no charge to get the entire list of proxies, you need only share this list to social media (facebook/twitter/google plus), and you will once again get the entire list. All the proxies have been checked to be working, with a lag of no more than 500 ms. 

For our gamers out there, I do NOT suggest you use the list for gaming purposes, the lag will be too much. Instead we suggest purchasing from YourPrivateProxy or getting a VPN. Remember however, that not all VPN's are created equal, and that many including HideMyAss will keep records of the sites you travel to. If you're looking for a good list of VPNs, click here. Personally, I picked up a 20 year subscription to a VPN with unlimited bandwidth/speed over at Stack Social. My investment paid for itself in one year. You should be able to find similar for less than $50.

Working Proxy List December 2017 Information

These proxies can be used in browsers, possibly torrents. Games should only use private proxies. Wingate, Proxifier, or even ProxyFirewall (for older versions of Windows), will allow you to force traffic through one or more proxies.

As is tradition, we are giving you a few free samples, the rest of them, simply share to social media, and you can then download the complete list below. Please remember, that the more people who use the proxies, the less safe it is for you. Afterall, just like when you use a public wifi, you're sharing your connection with someone else. 

Working Proxy List December 2017 Samples
Working Proxy List December 2017 - Free Download52.44.16.168:3129

Working Proxy List December 2017 Download

Remember, most people won't share this post, so will be just a few of you who get this complete Working Proxies List December 2017. Last month's list only had around 125 downloads, and with over a thousand working proxies. This month, we're giving you around 5000 tested and working proxies. Later in the month, we will also update the list for our VIP members. That list will be only for those who help us out monetarily to keep the site going. 

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In order to maximize exposure to this site, we need your help. 

Please click one of the buttons below to unlock the content, by sharing this site to friends and family. There is no cost to you, once you share to Facebook or Tweet about this site, then you will automatically open the hidden content. 

For those of you who don't want to share to social media, here's a list of 24k unchecked proxies. I cannot guarantee that any of them will work. Click Here to get the complete list of unchecked proxies.

Please share this Working Proxies List December 2017 with others, to let them know about this site.

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