Ragnarok Online 2: Feral Barbaro Guide

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written by xKirai

It’s been weeks into AoD (Abaddon of Despair) and many of you have yet to experience how AoD is like so I’d like to share a little with you before you start your next chapter in AoD. Basically, Feral Barbaro is somewhat similar to the first boss in Arena (Hardmode). I say this because it’s actually a tank and spank fight. However the boss hits really hard. It is best to get a Monk or BM as a main tank as it will be easy.

Let’s go a little more into the details of what the boss can do.

Feral Barbaro’s Skill

-Rage Slam (Single Target)
Deals 9-12k damage on main tank.

-Rage Slam (Cleave)
Deals 8-10k damage on main tank and to those that are 5meters in front of Feral Barbaro.

-KamehameHA (Red AoE)
Don’t know how much it deals because I did not get hit by it before.(Easy to avoid and even if it hits the raid, Sanc/Deluge should do the job.)

-Genki Dama (Blue AoE)
Deals 6-8k damage to raid follow by a 1k DoT Poison Damage.

-Land of Pollution (Poison Pool)
Spawns under a target, Easily avoidable.

-Green Fart
Useless animation which will net you for 10sec.

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As long as the main tank can survive the Rage Slams, It’s a tank and spank fight.
I was able to be main tank with a Knight with 8k Hp. Simply use Aura Shield and Assumptio before the Rage Slams and you’ll do fine.
Timing for the Rage Slams(Single Target) are every 25-35sec and Rage Slam(Cleave) are every 50-70sec.
Blue Ring AoE is every 2mins after the first minute into the fight.

How Kage does it?
We use the Khara Timer as our guide.
Our main tanks will use Aura Shield(1min CD) at 4:35, 3:35, 2:35, 1:35, 0:35 and after the timer is up, the boss is still alive, The skill’s cooldown is the timer for us.
Having said that, Priest A will use Assumptio (2mins CD) on themain tank at 4:05, 2:05 and 0:05 and when the next Assumptio is ready.
While Priest B will use Assumptio on the main tank at 3:05, 1:05 and when the next Assumptio is ready.

This is a very easy fight if the raid has good coordination among the Tanks and Priests.

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