Reknown Farming Method – Rainbow Six Siege

Reknown Farming MethodHere are some Reknown Farming Method for Rainbow Six Siege which will allow you to repeatedly farm Reknown over and over. You need Reknown, as it is an in-game currency that can be used to purchase new gear, weapon attachments, and unlock new Operators for use in combat.

While the repeatable and AFK versions are only for those willing to share this site, there are also specific methods which can be used once, within the game to farm Reknown. Those are listed below.

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Rainbow Six Siege Reknown Farming Method

So let's start with the Reknown Farming Method's which can only be done once.

Reknown Farming Method Situations

Situations are short, single-player tutorial game-modes which teach you the basics. They reward up to 600 Renown points each for completing the three objectives each has, plus a bit more for completion. Playing on harder difficulties gets you more experience and Renown upon competition. You do not have to do these objectives in one run or at the same time. By the end of it, you should be able to rack up more than 6,000 Renown points. 

Reknown Farming Method Hunts

One of the best ways to earn Renown reliably and quickly is through Terrorist Hunt on the hardest difficulty, Realistic. Either enter with a team or alone and complete the missions you're given. The reward multipliers will help you gain Renown fast. However you need to do these with a skilled group.

Reknown Farming Method Challenges

For this one, once you reach level 3, you can complete challenges. These give you a bonus 200 Renown points and are usually quite easy.

Reknown Farming Method Ranked Multiplayer

When you reach level 20, you can play in the ranked multiplayer games. This game-mode should only be entered if you're comfortable fighting against other players. The reward bonus to experience and Renown help you grind the currency quickly, but if you quit early, you will take a penalty.

Reknown Farming Shared Methods

As promised, below are a couple Reknown Farming Methods for those of you willing to share this site to social media. One of them is meant to be repeated over and over, and the other will allow you to farm your Reknown AFK. Which you choose to do, will be up to you, but one needs you to be active within the game, the other not-so-much.

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There you have 6 different Reknown Farming Method for Rainbow 6 Siege. We hope you are able to use them to your full advantage. Let us known in the comments below if you know of any other methods which will benefit your fellow player.

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