Back Online – Sort of

Due to the deal I had with Tault, not completing, tho it has been over 4 weeks now, I decided to rez this site... sort of.  You see I have gone with a blog and not a forums.  This is obviously a public blog, and I will be posting what I find in various games that I play or have played recently.  I will also be putting up news that I hear from others or read from other sites about different MMO's.  I also expect to occasionally put up game hacks, bots, guides, and more.

This is going to be a work in progress over the next several days/week, so please bear with me.  I have never had a blog before, so I am learning as I go.

Will I ever rez the old forums? Not likely.  The old forums were big, bulky, and it was a bitch to get people to post, even when I offered giveaways.

If you had a subscription at the old mmoexploiters or any of the other subscription based sites, you can cancel the sub through PayPal.  If you don't, I will accept it as a donation, thank you.

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