Raptr Cheat – Build up 24 hours a day of play time

The chances of me getting that Spindrel mount in Rift via Raptr are kind of slim at this point, but the fact that I figured out how to get all 24 hours worth of play time, while not even playing, is a high point. Now if you aren’t familiar with the Raptr service, it allows you to play games, connect with your Facebook, take screenshots, and even chat with friends across games. As a bonus to playing games (which I presume they datamine the info and sell), they will give you some codes for games which could be a game itself, or an in game item.

Once you set up the service, you can always add time manually each day, and that will accrue 6 hours worth of play time across various games. But there is a trick which will allow you to show a full 24 hours worth of play time each day, which in turn gets you rewards much faster.

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